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Work on County Road 121 has been completed and it is open to all traffic as of Jan 8th 2020.

NCEM LogoOur Vision - A county that is aware, prepared, and resilient to all hazards.

Our Mission - Helping the whole community before, during, and after disasters.

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Residents have personal responsibility for their safety.  Our free Preparedness Guide has loads of good information about local hazards and things you should do to mitigate risk, reduce your vulnerability, and increase your resilience!  Pick up a printed copy at the EOC or any of our outreach events, or download an electronic copy below.  

Sign up for Alert Nassau Citizen Alerts to receive emergency incident notification calls, texts, emails, and/or smartphone app messages.  We can't alert you if we don't have your contact information! 

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Click the image below to download a PDF of our NEW Disaster Preparedness Guide

Citizen's Guide Cover Page
  1. Emergency Operations Center

    Main Line / Information
    Phone: (904) 548-0900

  1. Greg Foster

    EM Director
    Phone: (904) 548-0900

  1. Martha Oberdorfer, MPH, FPEM

    Sr EM Planner / Accreditation Mgr
    Phone: (904) 548-0931

  1. Sidney Beckom

    Training & Exercise Planner
    Phone: (904) 548-0953

  1. Chelle Mellecker

    Fiscal Specialist
    Phone: (904) 548-0952

  1. Paula Sellek

    Volunteer Coordinator
    Phone: (904) 548-0940