Telecommunications Master Plan 

What is the Telecommunications Master Plan 

Nassau County has hired the consultants, CityScape Consultants, Inc. to create a Wireless Telecommunications Master Plan for Nassau County.

The Telecommunications Master Plan is a County-wide (including municipalities) Plan that identifies and assesses existing wireless communication facilities, determines gaps in existing coverage and provides recommendations for design and siting of future facilities. The analysis will facilitate the development of a wireless telecommunications network that is efficient and will meet the future needs of Nassau County. The purpose of the plan is to provide adequate network service while minimizing visual impacts of the telecommunications infrastructure and maintaining the aesthetics of the community. The plan will also serve as a guide for developing planning policies for future wireless infrastructure that is compliant with state and federal regulations.

If you want more information on our consultants, check out their webpage:

Check it Out and Get Involved! 

The Draft Master Plan is now available. Please provide any comments by April 30, 2018 using the comment card link below, email, or call (904) 530-6300.

We kicked off our Telecommunications Master Plan with meetings in Yulee on 8/15, on Amelia Island on 8/16, and in West Nassau on 8/17. View the presentation given at these meetings. The corresponding survey, found here, was taken by attendees of the outreach sessions. The presentation discusses the types of telecommunication infrastructure, state and federal regulations, and what our consultants, CityScape will be doing for our Telecommunication Master Plan through an example of another community.

Our second Telecommunications Master Plan meetings were held in Yulee on 3/20 and Amelia Island on 3/22. View the presentation given at these meetings. This presentation reviews telecommunications infrastructure and provides information about different community characteristics found within Nassau County. The presentation also discusses wireless policy solutions and theoretical propagation mapping based on fieldwork and preference surveys. This draft inventory map was presented during the presentation.

Future Involvement

Nassau County will hold one more public workshop at the commission chambers in Yulee. We will update this section once that meeting is scheduled.